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With over 30 years of experience in site acquisition & Application Engineering TSI SDVO is capable of providing professional services in any market you need these services. TSI SDVO is a name you can trust.

Professional Services

TSI SDVO provides our clients with the information they need in an accurate and timely manner. We are able to provide our clients with their own personal management and support team tailored to their individual needs. We are able to meet customers, AHJ’s, landowners, etc in person and give you; our client a personal touch and simply go out of our way to ensure you are able to gain access to the land in which you are interested.

Title Examination

TSI SDVO provides companies large and small with a variety of title research. With our network of title experts we are able to place the needed staff on your particular type of project, whether it's surface, fee, or federal, or anywhere in between. We pride ourselves on the accuracy and speed with which we are able to give our clients the information that enables them to move forward with their project.


Our leasing group has the capability to handle a project of any size, providing you with a streamlined process that, thanks to our internal database you can be updated at any time throughout the project by simply logging in and reviewing your projects. Additionally, with a core group of experienced, proven leasing agents across the country, our clients continue to trust us with acquiring or leasing the land they need to make their projects successful and their companies profitable.

Due Diligence

In the era of constant acquisitions throughout the industry, TSI SDVO has become a leader in due diligence services. We perform both in-house and in-the-field research, leaving our clients time to focus on other elements of the transaction while we collect the needed data. For such services we maintain a staff of former title attorneys that is familiar with the nuances involved in such a process, and will provide a full report and signed letter that outlines our findings and recommendations for any curative measures that may be necessary.


Our abstracting services are used widely by companies looking for a thorough compilation of the records associated with their programs. We provide all pertinent instruments in both physical and electronic form, as well as hyperlinking each document to digital details. We have developed a process that provides an easy-to-use compilation for all.

Additional Services

Asset Management & Administration

Surface Damage Settlement

GIS Mapping

Drilling Permits and Hearings

Seismic Permitting & Reclamation

Geotechnical Services

Specialized Services



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