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TELECOM – Engineering, Furnish, Install, and Test

With over 80 years of experience in telecom TSI SDVO is capable of providing communications services in any market you need these services on a global scale. TSI SDVO is a name you can trust.

Outside Plant

Whether it is Aerial, Underground, or Direct Buried TSI SDVO provides our clients with services you can trust.

Small Cells

We were involved in small cell years before anyone knew what to call it. In 2012 we deployed “beta” small cells for a carrier to perform testing. Smalls Cells is evolving and so are we. From installing the fiber, power, pole, splicing, testing, and working with easement owners TSI SDVO is the right choice for you.

Inside Plant

From design to installation in a central office, data center, corporate office, university, hospital, government facility, or commercial building TSI SDVO is very capable of designing, installing, and testing your copper, fiber, and other network solutions to ensure your network stays online.


Need a cell site build from the ground up “Raw Land”? No problem. We perform civil and tower erection services as well as L&A, Microwave, Troubleshooting, Sweep testing, PIM testing, tower mods/“beef” ups, inspections, maintenance, and so much more. Just ask one of our specialists and we will be more than happy to assist you through your needs. Let TSI SDVO be your go to solution for all your wireless needs.


TSI SDVO has vast knowledge in the Distributed Antenna space. With all the technology changes it is hard to know if you are going to have coverage in your building or not. This is very important when it comes to public safety. If you have “dead” spots in any of your facilities you are not only at a liability risk but at a total rick when it comes to life safety. Every time a phone carrier makes a change to their network your in building coverage is likely to be at risk of changing. Let TSI SDVO work with the network carriers to ensure you have coverage in your facilities.


In the era of others just “throwing” in a network we felt was very important to instill on quality. We believe a properly installed “clean” network will outlast a network that might pass tests but with TSI SDVO we also require our staff to ensure the network is aesthetically pleasing not only to us but to you or an others that might happen to see the physical layer of the network. This is one reason we require all of our projects to be reviewed by our BICSI certified RCDD.

BICSI Certified

We have a BICSI certified RCDD and Wireless Designer on staff to ensure your network is built to the utmost highest of standards.

Complete Turnkey

When we say turnkey we mean turnkey. We have the ability to do everything you need. Do not hesitate to utilize TSI SDVO for all of your telecom needs.

Additional Services

* Fiber Characterization

* Call/Walk Testing * Spectrum Analysis * RF Engineering * iBwave Design * Network Optimization

* OTDR Testing

* Splicing

* Wireless Mesh

* Microwave Pathing/Pathloss


*Power Plants * Generators

* Access Control


* Specialized Services



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